More about the A20 Plus (Pictures of the final product)


I found more info about the new A20, apparently it was available on taobao but idk why we can’t buy it at the moment, here is the link:

Important points:

  • Esp8285 for the wifi
  • No video mode available(there is an AT command for that)
  • 12-15$
  • Compatible with OV7670,GC0308,GC0328,GC0309 cameras (0.3M)
  • Flash


And we have a picture:




So there is two information:

It’s surly the biggest Ax board( and maybe there is also an UART ?)

The price: it’s very close to the A6C board for the seller, the AC6 cost 7,49$ and the A20 7,49$ (50Y and 49Y) so it will be surly around 12-13$

They added also two leds surly for the flash, in the A6C AT Commands we can activate it thx to the Camera parameters commands.


They also made an android app for use the A20Plus camera, here some pictures:


I found the Application and explanation here:

You can also go to the online doc here, i found the last pictures here and they explain the code(in chinese):

The first code is: 123456

We can find more info about the code here, but i can’t download his zip because we need to pay for it! :

I found the biggest part of these informations on this page:

Pinout and other pictures of my previous post:

Details of the A6C(like the A20 with no wifi), At commands for control the camera, demo etc: