QC 3.0 DIY Solar panel.

One of the biggest problem today about the solar panels is the part after the solar cells, so the converter/ regulator. I wanted to write that for have the best performance with the solar cells for a smartphone / battery.

What do you need:

Total Cost (with 3 Solar Panel) = 26.50€

If you don’t have wires & soldering parts:


I choose to use a Cigarette Lighter Socket + QC Charger because at the moment we can’t find QC 3.0 modules, we find them only in the Car chargers.



So lets go

Part 1

Create holes, it’s just for attach the 3 solar panels



Part 2

Solder the panel, for increase the voltage like here, we have to connect like that:

(-) panel1 (+) —— (-) panel2 (+) —– (-) panel3 (+)

if you want to increase only the current you have to connect the (-) with the (-) and the (+) with the (+). But voltage will stay at 5v so the QC 3.0 will not work.




Part 3

Solder the (-) and (+) to the cigarette socket.




Part 4

Test it !

I use the new Xiaomi 20 000mAh power bank 2 (QC 3.0) with a low capacity (2/4 bar).



Around 10W !

When i made that picture the sun started to drew low, it was 20h14 and the panels were not super clean there was a little of dust on them. 20h14 is bad for the solar power, so it’s a really good result!

You can add more power by adding a solar panel in parrallele for exemple so you will need 6 panels (because we have to add a second panel for the 3 or the parrallel system will not works). But the QC is limited to 1.5A at 12v so it’s overpowered.


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