60Ah DIY Power Bank for 50€

I’ve build today a 60Ah power bank with 12x 26650 Cells, they are really interesting for price/wh compared to the normal 18650, i paid them less than 4€ for 5 000 mAh cells (18wH), the bad side is the weight, more important than the best 18650 cells.

  • For the 26650 for each gram there is 52,4 mAh
  • For the 18650 (Panasonic 18650B 3500mAh), for each gram there is 73 mAh.

But the discharge rate is really good, it can handle 20A, and at 15A the capacity stay around 5Ah !

Review and tests of the Liitokal 26650 5,000mAh: link

So i think if you are looking for a portable(or not) power bank it’s surly the best choice, i will personaly use it with 4x5w solar panels, and i plan to add more cells in the futur for increase the capacity and power.

For the moment i use it with a 3S BMS 25A ( HX-3S-FL25A ):


AliExpress Link

Be careful with this BMS the B2(and not the B1) must be connected after the B+ ! Like here:


It’s limited 25A but because there are 12 Cells it can go up to 80A for continuous discharge and even up to 120A but the capacity will descrease to 3,5Ah for each cell. So it can produce around 888w(80A) and max 1322w (120A).

The Cells are sold around 24€ for 6 Cells, i got them for 22€ so with the bms it’s less than 50€.


AliExpress Link

If you want to use holders like me, they are really expensive but the quality is good(we also find the same one for the 18650 cheaper but I think it’s because the 18650 are very popular)


AliExpress Link

We find also this one cheaper (so 1€ for 2 holder):


AliExpress Link


2 thoughts on “60Ah DIY Power Bank for 50€

  1. i hooked up the circuit board you are using and cannot get it to charge after a discharge…what voltage are you using to charge the 3s circuit (through the + -)


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