More about the A20 Plus (Pictures of the final product)


I found more info about the new A20, apparently it was available on taobao but idk why we can’t buy it at the moment, here is the link:

Important points:

  • Esp8285 for the wifi
  • No video mode available(there is an AT command for that)
  • 12-15$
  • Compatible with OV7670,GC0308,GC0328,GC0309 cameras (0.3M)
  • Flash


And we have a picture:




So there is two information:

It’s surly the biggest Ax board( and maybe there is also an UART ?)

The price: it’s very close to the A6C board for the seller, the AC6 cost 7,49$ and the A20 7,49$ (50Y and 49Y) so it will be surly around 12-13$

They added also two leds surly for the flash, in the A6C AT Commands we can activate it thx to the Camera parameters commands.


They also made an android app for use the A20Plus camera, here some pictures:


I found the Application and explanation here:

You can also go to the online doc here, i found the last pictures here and they explain the code(in chinese):

The first code is: 123456

We can find more info about the code here, but i can’t download his zip because we need to pay for it! :

I found the biggest part of these informations on this page:

Pinout and other pictures of my previous post:

Details of the A6C(like the A20 with no wifi), At commands for control the camera, demo etc:


34 thoughts on “More about the A20 Plus (Pictures of the final product)

  1. Erm, I dont seem to be able to see my reply on your comment regarding the location where I got it. So I’ll just reply here. I got this from taobao for 49 yuan. Here’s the link.

    I believe they’re changing their stock into a different one, and I think they released this as a prototype version i think? Maybe to test the market? There’s a possibility that they’re simply changing the chipset from esp8285 to esp32 as well. Btw the image quality is quite bad. Some samples for you.


    1. Ouch not terrible yep, i know we can change the camera parameters thx to AT commmands(they are in my article about the A6C), you have surly right for prototype theorie because in the chinese presentation:
      they say at the end they will send the board to the fan first and they give the toabao link for buy it, but the translation is not really good so idk if it’s the good sense

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      1. Hmmm, I’ve been checking out how to use it…. But I have no idea how to use the Flash…. except in the docs stating “Pin 38 FLASH_EN Flash control Pin, you generally need an
        external amplifier to power LED lights” But which pin do I need to supply the voltage? In fact, what voltage and current they need? And should I just connect 3.3v into pin 38? And I’m not sure which pin is the Flash pin since the datasheet’s pinout differs from mine.


      2. I’m not sure about it but maybe this pin is only an ouput connected to the little transitor which is next to the led. I’ve noticed this transistor is only on the A6C and A20 and everytime next to the led. So it surly depend of the Camera parameter. If it’s on automatic, with a low light environement it should works.


      3. Well before I burnt my A20, I was reverse engineering to use the Flash function. So I used a multimeter and I got this circuit. It looks like to power the LED I should plug my amplifier circuit into G_PWR pin…. But obviously that burnt my board. So I’m not sure whether this is correct. So whoever that tries this, BEWARE! because obviously i burnt my board after plugging in the power source into that pin.


      4. It’s really strenge oO, and i don’t understand the “G” of G_PWR means what exacly, if it was for the Flash it should be “F” or “L”, no ?
        So for the Esp8266 and the Gprs they communicate thx to a serial port ? Exacly like if we connect a Node-mcu to a A6C ?


    2. Shit. The smartest thing I’ve ever done was to feed an amplifier circuit into the G_PWR and burnt my only A20 circuit. Fucking brilliant. Well that’s all for my updates. My A20 is now gone T.T I can still connect to the ESP8285 but the camera function is definitely gone.


    1. Ah, sorry I was testing since I wrote many replies but none of the replies was posted. Seems to be working normally. But i cannot reply to your post above, i dunno why. Anyway, I was saying that I got it from taobao for 49 yuan.

      And the images from the A20 is not very good but I think it’s okay. Here’s some sample for you.


      1. No I mean on this blog. I am trying to reply to some of your comments above but it is not showing. I’m not sure whether it’s inside the wordpress system or it’s a bug? But if I tried posting again, they state that I am posting duplicates… So I am assuming that my post actually went thru… but i dont see my post anywhere… I think I post 3 to 4 post here already.


  2. Hi guys,
    Does anyone of you know if everything in that device is controlled from the ESP8266 chip? What is the Camera chip and how is the communication done with it? Is it via AT commands only? Is there a way to flash your own firmware on the ESP?


    1. This is a good question and i can’t give a real answer but i know there is the Esp8266 Rx/Tx pins(so normaly we can flash the esp8266), Gprs/Gsm Tx/Rx pins on the chip so we can controle them independently(via AT)
      If everything is controlled from the Esp8266, i can say yes for the camera because the Android application works only with wifi but they also build an Android application for take picture from the A6C that mean the Gprs/Gsm can control the Camera too, so i think all is connected but idk how exacly.


    2. @SK, you asked an interesting question so i tested it out for you. I plugged my CP2102 into the TX of the ESP8266 and read off from there. This is what I got:

      From this, I can conclude that the ESP8266 is talking to the A6C chip via UART. And based on the commands I can guess that the camera instructions is controlled by the A6C while the ESP manages the AT commands and retrieves the jpeg image and streams it over the internet to the Android app. I hope this helps.


      1. Hmm interesting but how you you know it’s the Esp tx/rx because in the A20 V2 there was also the Gsm/Gprs Tx/rx HST tx/rx (idk what is that), the problem is, they changed the pinout : (.


      2. Uh… I read from the Chinese docs that the ESP8285 pins location in the a20 and then using a multimeter i traced back to the pinout on the breakout board.
        And yeah, no video stream because the images are taken by a6c chip and transfer over to the esp8285


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