Best Wireless Cam solution : A6C ?



I’ve discovered the A7, an anwsome solution for have GPS and GPRS in the same chip thx to the great Andreas Spiess youtube channel:

But he he did not talk about the A6C module, maybe because the module was not annonced at this moment, let’s me tell you the avantages of this module:

  • Size: If you know the others cam solutions for the arduino and tiny devices, you surly know the ArduCam, and it’s a BIG module because the Arduino can’t be connected directly to the Camera or we need a lot connections so a big module like this one:

    The A6C has the same cam(OV7670) but it’s more smaller and we need just 2new connection for the Arduino, RX/TX just for the cam!a6c-module-03

  • Price: Surly the important point because we can have smaller, better résolution, better gprs etc but much more expensive! I think for exemple to the Raspberry pi Zero and his high definition camera, normaly they cost around 25$ and with a good Gsm/gprs module around 50$. I also wanted to do a wireless camera with a Esp8266, it’s a cheap module but the cameras are really expensive, like this one: and i didn’t find a solution above 25$…  But with the high price we have also better résolution, 2M against 0.3M max for the A6C but personaly i don’t know what can happen to a wireless module so i prefer a cheap one which do the basic job. His price is around 12$, with the camera which cost normaly around 3.5$. But the module is likely to cost less in the future because i’ve found only few sellers.


I think there is no better deal for a wireless Cam module at this moment, 12$ is a great price and it can be really interesting for the makers community which don’t want to spend more than 15$ for send a picture through a wireless module.




AT Commands

AT+CAMSTART         (Start the Cam and choose the resolution)

  • AT+CAMSTART=0       (QVGA: 320×240)

  • AT+CAMSTART=1         (VGA: 640×480)

  • AT+CAMSTART=2        (QQVGA: 160×120)


AT+CAMSTOP       (Stop the camera)

AT+CAMCAP         (Take a picture, the default format is .JPG)

AT+CAMRD          (Read the content of the picture)

  • AT+CAMRD=fromaddr,toaddr;


AT+CAMREC (Not available for the moment)

AT+CAMCFG (Camera configuration)

  • AT+CAMCFG=mode,param

This is pure Reverso traduction because i don’t understand what they really say(in chinese):

  • 0 indicates that the flash mode, the parameter is 0, Off, 1, 2 Open Automatically
  • 1 indicates whether a night market, the parameter is 0, no night vision, 1 open the night vision
  • 2 indicates that the image quality, parameters 0,1,2 //7,10,14,20
  • 3 indicates that the image is rotated, the parameter is 0, indicating that will not rotate 1 rotate 90 degrees, 2 rotate 180 degree and 3 rotate 270 degree
  • 4 The exposure parameters -2,-1,0,1,2
  • 5 brightness, parameters -2,-1,0,1,2
  • 6 white balance, parameter 0-auto,1-daylight,2- daylight (0x08),3-cloudy(0x09),4- (0x0a) tungsten lamps
  • 7 contrast parameters 1-5;


Interesting Docs:


a6_a7_a6c_datasheet-en (Page 15 for the A6C)

AT Commands(in chinese)

ai-thinker_a6_a7_a6c_at_v1-02 (Page 171 for the A6C)


Few interesting links:

Module in AliExpress:,searchweb201602_2_10057_10056_10065_10068_10055_10054_10069_10059_10058_10073_10017_10072_10070_10060_10061_10052_10062_10053_10050_10051,searchweb201603_4&btsid=e228f014-6743-4419-9334-4f7f6f0fad21


How to use it:  (You can open with Google Chrome or IE)

Doc from IA-Thinker(there is a part in chinese :/) :




22 thoughts on “Best Wireless Cam solution : A6C ?

    1. Hi, idk how to do with python unfortunatly not even in C++ (arduino) because i don’t have the level for do that but i know the steps: send the AT command for take the picture, and “read” it in HEX and store them, cut the extra code (all Jpgs start and finish with the same HEX) and save it in a file with the jpg extension, it’s done.
      (It’s what i show in my video here:

      The most defficult is for me to save in Hex and cut the image because i can’t find an another projet with the same kind of problem :/


  1. thanks friend now understand some things, i want send a picture via SMTP (email) or send it via uart in hex format for in the raspberry receive it and process, converting the hex picture, to binary picture, i am working on it but i cant work it, if you know how do send in to email or server, or via mqtt, i will grateful, my idea is work with micropython and esp8266 for send pictures via wifi to email, thanks best regards


    1. I also want to do that so i’m interested and i think i will use something close to this code: he send via tcp a short code but we can also send the image data:
      It come from this vidéo:

      I found a “pro” who writed some informations for how to do it with a smartphone but the technic is the same (via Tcp) he show some screenshots and it’s complex, he cut the code in différent part for more security
      It can give ideas.
      Do you have an arduino or Esp8266 for control the A6C ?


  2. Hello dear friend , Do you have some example to use AT+CAMPOST=””,80 ? I was trying upload some picture with a php server but always the answer is : +CAMPOST:0


    1. Hi Jesus Rebolledo,
      Did you get any success by using the command(AT+CAMPOST=””,80).I am also trying the same and no luck yet.Please let me know if you got any success.I am mentioning my mail id here for quick access.(


  3. Hi all.
    I found AT firmware for this module on
    It looks like this module based on RDA8851lb chip (one of Chinese mobile CPU), but unfortunately I can’t find any data sheets for this SoC, maybe somebody has doc or SDK for it?

    Also I convert provided firmware to binary file and found that it should understand some interesting undocumented AT commands like:

    Will try to experiment with it later


  4. Formats for GPIO AT
    +IOIRQ: (0-pin,1-start or stop,2-rising,3-falling,4-level,5-debounce)
    +IODIR: %d
    +IODIR: (0-pin,1-direction(0-in 1-out))


    1. GPIO works!

      Power led:

      uRTS pin:

      Set OUT mode for pin5 hangs module


  5. Dear Raymond,

    I can’t connect to network. Even when I submit list SMS command I got error:

    +CMS ERROR:500

    I tried with A6 module and it’s OK but A6C and A7 reply with “+CMS ERROR:500” error.

    What you think?


  6. any ideas why I dont have the campost command ? is it just for the last firmware ? if so, can you help me to understand how to update firmware ?


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